François Muller, CEO & Founder

François studied business administration and international management at the University of St. Gallen and at HEC Lausanne and also completed an MBA in Singapore. After several years as project manager in a large international company, François headed the Swiss office of the consulting firm ICME Healthcare for six years and founded Muller Healthcare Consulting in 2014. As a consultant in the healthcare sector, François has expertise in the optimisation of clinical and non-clinical processes, in the development of innovative business models and in health economic issues.

Elvira Häusler, Senior Consultant

Elvira studied political science with a focus on health and international health care management. After her studies she established an NGO in Cairo in the field of transparency/governance. Afterwards Elvira worked for five years at KPMG in London and Zurich. During this time, she was mainly responsible for projects in the areas of quality reporting, cost efficiency, integrated care and regulation. Afterwards she worked at the Federal Office of Public Health. There she was involved in various projects on quality and patient safety, such as the work on PROMs or the National Report on the quality of the Swiss Health Care System. Her focus is on the development of new care models, outcome-based remuneration, patient-centered care, quality and patient safety.

Simon Huser


MSc. ETH in Healthscience and Technology 

Louis Khunti

Business Analyst

BSc. BFH in Nursing science

Mathieu Gasser

Junior Consultant

B.A. HSG in Business Administration

Massimo Rahmim

Business Analyst

B.A. HSG in Business Administration 

Rieke Giza

Business Analyst

M.A. MCI in International Health and Social Management 

Magda Vieira

Business Analyst

MSc. ETH in Medical Technology

Alina Dintheer

Business Analyst

MSc. ETH in Medical Technology

Associate Experts

Dr. med. Golalai Rassoul, BA


Image by Adrian Infernus

Andrea Preuss PhD


Advisory Board

Karl Ehrenbaum

CEO at Ehrenbaum Health Consulting GmbH

Kristian Schneider

CEO Spitalzentrum Biel AG

Prof. Dr. med. Michele Genoni 

Medical director Rehaklinik Seewis